Tips to revise the maths syllabus

The Math Exam for Class 12th Students of CBSE are due tomorrow! This is the moment of panic? Don’t worry, we bring to you tips to polish your skills. Last minute revision tips that help you put your best foot forward!

  1. Are all the formulas in place? Remember to memorize all the formulas. If the formula is identified and applied correctly, you automatically get one mark for it. Once the formula is in place, rest is just calculation that you need to do.
  2. Step Marking- Do not hurry in the exam.  Remember, that CBSE follows a pattern of step-marking. Therefore, due to one calculation error here or there, if you are unable to get to the right answer, you still get marks for the answers. Mentally revise steps for the more difficult questions.
  3. Calculations? Calculations! Be very careful while doing the calculations, this is a miss for most of the students. Make a rough column or use the last page of your answer-sheet, but be very precise with your calculation. Take a minute per question extra, but do not panic and do the wrong calculation.
  4. Diagrams: Some math problems cannot be solved on a plain reading. However, when you read the question and draw a diagram pertaining to it, it becomes a lot easier. So, draw diagrams wherever you think it is necessary.
  5. One Last Mock: The last but surely not the least, sit for a mock tonight. Pick up any sample paper or past year paper, get some sheets out of a notebook and solve the paper in one go. This will prepare you mentally for the exam you are about to appear for tomorrow! Please identify your mistakes and make sure to not repeat them tomorrow.

All the very best, guys! Math is a demon for sure, but not all demons are undefeatable!