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Tips to Prepare for Science Exam (Class 10th)

The huge syllabus and complexities of the subject require you to carefully plan your preparations. Here are some tips to keep in mind. The Central Board of Secondary Education is conducting science examination for Class 10th on 13th March this year. Ace all the diagrams and formula with these super-tips by Scholr!

  1. Concepts not Text: The subject is very concept-based. It is advisable not trying to memorize any of the text. Rather, go for broader concepts, understand them and learn its application. If you get the concepts, then no matter what the question is, you can easily solve it.
  2. Formulas on your tips: It is better to have all your formulas on your tips. They come handy while solving many numerical and problem-based question. If you get the formulas correct, rest is just a simple calculation
  3. Previous Year Question Papers: Treat the previous year question papers as the bible! Practice them as much as you can. Time yourself, check your answers and identify where you are going wrong. Make it a DIY mock-exam!
  4. Speed Revision: Because of the lengthy science syllabus, it is advised that you make topic wise revision notes. Closer to your examination, it will be easier to have a glance and recollect all the points at once.

Apart from the above tips, keep handy a neat copy of all the diagrams involved. Practice them along with proper labeling. Diagrams give a good impression to the examiner. That’s it, you are good to go. Be sincere with the above points and nothing will come your way!

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