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Tips to learn difficult formulas.

Does the maze of alpha, beta, gamma, mix in your head and you end up screwing the entire question? Formula-based questions, require you the judgment to be able to apply the correct formula. Formulas could be a pain, we know. But, with these tips ace the formula maze!

Formulas made Easy

                                  Formulas made Easy

  1. Make Formula Sheet: A chapter wise formula sheet is helpful for all subjects, be it Math, Physics or Chemistry. The lists that you make, will help you remember them categorically. Have these lists stuck in-front of your study table so that even when you wonder while studying, your eyes fall on them!
  2. Practice: That’s the key, practice as much as you can. Do not flip pages of the book, when you need the formula to solve a question. Spend a minute and try recollecting. You will err in the few initial attempts, but then you will just be fine.3. Not what the formula is, but what it says: There is a derivative theorem behind every formula. The formulas are very practically derived. If at the very end moment, it skips your mind, invest some time to practically think what the solution-formula should be.

4. Double Check: In case of doubts, put simple numbers in the variables and check whether the formula you are applying is correct.

That’s it. Easily, you will sail through all the trouble memorizing these monster formulas. And once the correct formula is in the right place, the rest of the question can be solved in a jiffy! All the best, may the formulas be with you!

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