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Tips for all Science Students out there! (Class 12th)

Science as a stream in the Senior Secondary is considered as one of the most difficult disciplines to pursue. The technicality and the practical aspect of the subject make it even more essential to be fully prepared for the exams. Here are some tips for all students taking 12th board exams this year from the science stream.

  1. Practice NCERT Questions: It has been seen that mostly the questions that appear in board examinations question papers are from the NCERT exercises and examples. Either they are directly imported or just the figures are changed. Therefore, be thorough with all the exercises. Practice all of them step-by-step, at least twice.
  2. Organize your Answer: Mostly the questions carrying more marks are a combination of two or more questions. With the exam panic on, it is often the case that you forget to answer the latter part of the question. While reading the question paper, identify these sub-questions. While answering, change paragraphs and answer all the parts separately.
  3. Diagrams– Some of the questions of Physics and Biology will often require you to make diagrams. Be very careful with them, practice it beforehand. Neat and well-labeled diagrams give very good expression and make your answer complete. While reading the question-paper, identify which question requires a diagram for better explanation
  4. No Error Numerical– Physics and Maths often comes up with extensively calculative numerical. There are high chances that you do one wrong calculation hurriedly. This will lead to absolutely different answers. Therefore, after solving every question, do a quick check of all the steps and calculations. Avoiding these silly mistakes will get you some extra marks. To some questions, there are certain tricks to double-check your answer, keep them in mind.

You are good to go! Gear up and give your best in these examinations. With these super-tips, you are sure to be the best in class.