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Super-Tips to Enhance your Concentration

Thinking about a PubG game-play while solving math? Or you keep going back to planning your birthday party while reading Biology? Lack of concentration affects your efficiency. With poor concentration, you take triple the time to finish a chapter. Use these super-tips to boost your concentration.

Concentration Level Up!

                          Concentration Level Up!

1. Keep your phone away– Decide study-hours for yourself and make sure to keep your phone switched off. Smart-phone notifications are a BIG deviation. 2. Music? Music!: Music often has proven to help you concentrate better. One, it cancels all the unnecessary call-bells at your home. Two, it helps you calm down and focus better! So  plug-in your earphones before beginning your tasks.3. Make a To-Do List: Do you keep thinking about the left-out chapters of Chemistry while preparing for an English essay? It is better if you keep a to-do list in front of you.4. Active Study Techniques: Active Study Techniques require you to be your own teacher. Ask yourself to sit straight in a chair at a desk, start out with questions about the material, outline chapters, underline key phrases after reading a section, write notes in margins, ask yourself what you have learned.

With these super tips, never let your mind wander while studying. You will see your study hours decrease but the output increases! Find more time for yourself.

Let nothing pull you down. And remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!