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Study Plan for Math (Class 12th)

Considering that your Math Paper is just around the corner, here is an elaborate last minute study-plan for all class 12th Students.

90 Minutes Exercise: Firstly, list down all the chapters in one single piece of paper and leave a column to the right empty. Now, use the early-morning time to take a brief test, randomly pick up questions spread across all exercises of a chapter in NCERT and try to solve them. Proceed with this chapter-wise, this will not take more than 1 and a half hour or so. This way, you can assess if there are any questions you are facing problem in.

1 Hour Exercise: After a brief break, again sit with your NCERT book and just pick-up questions to visualize the steps that will be involved in solving that particular question. You don’t need a paper and pen, even if you do just briefly remind yourself of all the steps that are required in the question. If you are stuck in any particular question, go to the solutions you must have prepared before. All this while, make sure you mark the questions that are causing trouble to you.

Three Hour Exercise: By late afternoon, pick-up a mock paper or a past-year question paper and solve it entirely. Time yourself and attempt to finish in the time allotted to the exam. After you have finished, quickly check your final answers. Remember, to mark the questions which you couldn’t get right.

15 Minute Exercise: Identify the chapter which has many formulas in it. Take a blank piece of paper, keep your books away and write all the formulas of that chapter. If you find this difficult, then open the exercises and just identify which formula will be applied in each of the questions.

45 Minutes Exercise: You must have come across various doubts, throughout the day. Solve them using the solutions.

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