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Best Revision Techniques for Exams



Revision Time! Do you know everything but you are unable to grasp them? Revision is the key! It makes your concepts and memory stronger. Learn these quick revision techniques from Scholr.

  1. Asses your Learning Type? : Some people tend to just go through the pages of text and just seem to have it all there. Others, need to establish a pattern to learn effectively. As per your learning type, start early, prioritize what requires more revision and then begin.  
  2. Have Separate Time for Revision: What you learn today, if revised tomorrow, stays with you. Just take out 5 minutes and go through the entire chapter or topic in your ahead. Do the next revision, for that chapter, day after and so on.
  3. Keep the revision on while you are throwing the ball or having your meal: With no study material around you, while you are engaged in a different activity, try testing yourself. Go back to the topic in your head and recollect as much as you can.
  4. Ask your family to randomly throw questions at you: If someone asks you chemistry formulas, while you are going to have a bath, you will know if you can recollect!  Prepare a set of questions and ask people to randomly throw them at you. See if you can get them right!
  5. Stick-Notes: Whatever, you find is the most difficult nut to crack- just put up a stick note of it. Right in front of your table, if you eyes keeping going on them, there are chances your mind will reproduce the exact image when you are trying to recollect it in your exam.

That’s it, you are good to go. The revision time is now, gather all that you have learned and get set go!

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