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Goodbye, Exam Stress.

The pressure and stress on students are rising! Firstly, know that stress is not healthy. Stress reduces your efficiency and ultimately affects your concentration. Next, know that you are not alone. There are thousands of students across the country who are going through the same. Take help from the following tips and say goodbye to exam stress forever!

Bye Bye, Exam Stress1. Break it up– It is not necessary for you to constantly be at your study table. Know how long you can be at your optimum and take breaks accordingly. Talk to a friend, watch a football match, go out for coffee!

2. Get Outdoors– It is very important that you do not limit yourself to the table only. Take out half-an-hour in the morning or evening, to go cycling or for a brisk walk.

3. Surround yourself with positivity– Paste some words of inspiration or a picture of your family. While your eyes keep falling on things you love, it is easier to stay positive and motivated.

4. Get sound sleep– If you sleep well, it is obvious that you will wake up with a refreshed enthusiasm. Sleep well and take at least 8 hours of sleep. Stress-Bugs will get you if you are not sleeping right.

5.Talk to Someone– If there is a particular subject or topic that is bugging you, find help in your friends and family. Let the stress out by pouring out to a close and loved ones. There is no power greater than the love of dear one

All the best, guys. I am sure you will be through with flying colours. One day, when you look back to this phase in life, you will want to tell your younger-self to RELAX!

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