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Buck-Up: The Time is Running [Effective Tips to time Management]

Do you sleep every night promising yourself to no more waste time in conversations over the phone or watching your favorite TV show? Use these tips to manage time efficiently and find extra time for revision. Remember, the age old, time and tide waifor none?Time is running

  1. Routine Up – Scheduling and planning your study is very important. Make both short term and long term goals. But, be realistic. If you over-estimate your tasks and are unable to finish, you will end up de-motivated.
  2. Divide time to various subjects or topics, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. It is not necessary that every subject requires equal time.
  3. Decide a stretch for yourself followed by a mini-break. Taking breaks often helps you to be at your best while studying.
  4. Make revision notes, so that when you go over a topic, you do not have to get into the lengths of the textbook. With help of brief notes (flashcards, flowcharts), the concepts can be easily revised.
  5. Most-Productive Hour: Some people tend to be most productive late-night, others in the morning. Know what hours you are most-productive in and work on your hardest assignments during that period.

Goes without saying, but try keeping away from social-media for a while. One feed leads to another and the scrolling never ends. Decide for yourself, when to use social media and restrict within that period An absolute cut-off is also not a good practice, a balance between the two will serve you best!

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