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5 study habits to prepare effectively for Board Exam

Here are 5 study-habits to prep-up for your upcoming examinations. Now that the practical-examinations have started across many schools in India, the theory papers are just a month away. This is the time to focus all your energy towards your preparation for best results in your examinations.

Scholr brings to you these 5 study-habits to take-up, to take the best out-of you.


  1. Revision Notes– It is very important to make revision notes which are short and very informative. They are just points which takes you back to the entire context related to the topic. So make catchy flash-cards, flow-charts, formula-sheets and all that you might need at the very last minute. Sometimes all you remember in the exam is where you read the topic in your notes, if you remember these points, you will get the answer right!
  2. Don’t Mock the Mocks– Get sample-tests for yourself, and practice them like a real exam. Time yourself, keep all study-materials away, and write as if you were writing the final paper. Post sample-paper, evaluate the answer-sheet or take help from your mentor. Evaluate yourself seriously to know where you are losing on marks.
  3. Routine-Up: Past, Present and Future- Analyse syllabus for all subjects and allot time for the coming month. Look back on your preparations to see, which topic or subject is stronger and requires relatively less time. Accordingly, divide time left for the final exams and routine up!
  4. Take Breaks and Reward Yourself: It is very important to keep taking breaks in between. Maybe you can take a Sunday off, this will kick-start your preparations when you resume them. Also, for every sample paper where you cross your target score, treat yourself. Maybe, go watch a movie or order pizza. The idea is to not over-stress yourself as it reduces efficiency
  5. Pre-plan the Answer Structure: And finally, depending upon the blue-print of the question-paper, structure answers for each topic. Include the must-haves of the topic, any diagrams or flow-charts that might give your answer a more complete look!

So, use these 5-study habits and you are ready to go, just stay confident and you will rule your board-examinations!

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