Revision Techniques are Here!

Revision Time! Do you know everything but you are unable to grasp them all for your exams? Revision is they key. Revision makes the concepts and memory stronger. Learn these quick revision techniques from Scholr. What’s your learning type? : Assess yourself on what is your learning type. Some people tend to just go through

Super-Tips to Enhance your Concentration

Thinking about a PubG game-play while solving math? Or you keep going back to planning your birthday party while reading Biology? Lack of concentration affects your efficiency. With poor concentration, you take triple the time to finish a chapter. Use these super-tips to boost your concentration. Keep your phone away– Decide study-hours for yourself and

Tips to learn difficult formulas.

Does the maze of alpha, beta, gama, mix in your head and you end up screwing the entire question. Formula-based questions, require you the judgment to be able to apply the correct formula. Formulas could be a pain, we know. But, with these tips ace the formula maze! Make Formula Sheet: A chapter wise formula

Buck-Up: The Time is Running [Effective Tips to time Management]

Do you sleep every night promising yourself to no more waste time in conversations over the phone or watching your favorite TV show? Use these tips to manage time efficiently and find extra time for revision. Remember, the age old, time and tide waits for none? Routine Up – Scheduling and planning your study is

Admit Cards are here! [CBSE 10th and 12th Board Examinations]

The admit cards and roll numbers for 10th and 12th CBSE Board examinations are not out! Login to the official website of CBSE to access your admit cards. Generally, schools will be distributing the admit cards to all students, but you can keep a downloaded copy for yourself too. The exams are supposed to commence

Goodbye, Exam Stress.

The pressure and stress on students are rising! Firstly, know that stress is not healthy. Stress reduces your efficiency and ultimately affects your concentration. Next, know that you are not alone. There are thousands of students across the country who are going through the same. Take help from the following tips and say goodbye to

5 study habits to prepare effectively for Board Exam

Here are 5 study-habits to prep-up for your upcoming examinations. Now that the practical-examinations have started across many schools in India, the theory papers are just a month away. This is the time to focus all your energy towards your preparation for best results in your examinations. Scholr brings to you these 5 study-habits to


The roll-numbers are out! The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the roll numbers for aspirants appearing for 10th and 12th Board Examinations this year. Follow the steps given below to get your roll-numbers. Step I- Visit CBSE’s Official Website at Step II- Scroll down and look for the In-Focus Tab on your

CBSE 10th Board Examinations preparation strategy

Boost Up, your 10th Board Examinations will be here in no time. Excited or Nervous? Beat the exam blues and here are 8 tips to boost your exam preparations.  Gather yourself– You have come this far and it is about to get over. Just calm yourself and stay focused. Keep treating yourself so that you

Sequence and Series

Arithmetic Progression An arithmetic progression can be defined as a sequence of numbers wherein every term is derived from the preceding term by adding or subtracting a fixed number called the common difference “d” For instance, the sequence 10, 6, 2, -2, …. is an arithmetic progression which has -4 as the common difference. The